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CX (Customer Experience) is the discipline of mapping a customer’s entire digital journey and responding to it by creating as smooth, intuitive, and memorable experience as possible. But the importance of customer experience is far more than a definition.

At its core, good CX is about being able to predict what a customer wants, when in their journey they’re likely to want it, and meeting and exceeding their expectations at every touchpoint. So, when we think about customer experience management as a process and practice, the relevance of customer research starts to become obvious. Leveraging your existing data, even from cursory reviews of your Google Analytics, to create a compelling, trackable customer journey is not only the principle of a good CX strategy; it’s how you can create a compelling marketing strategy based on what your customers want.

Forrester found that companies who ranked highly on their CX Index, a compiled ranking of companies based on their commitment to quality CX, outgrew companies who scored at the bottom at a rate of five to one in revenue. This is because they’re deep-mining their data to meet customer where they are. In meeting their audience, these companies are also reverse-engineering the best ways to market to their audience. Marketing is CX and CX is nothing without data. Once you can align these offerings, you can see how superior CX can provide an unparalleled ROI.

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