Las Vegas How To Have Non Gambling Related Fun

“Why would anyone visit Las Vegas without gambling?”

You’ve probably heard that line a few times if you’re planning a non-gambling trip to Sin City.

Whatever your reason for choosing to avoid the casinos, you’re not alone. The crowds of people (and piles of tourist dollars) that flow into Las Vegas these days have less to do with roulette wheels and blackjack tables than ever before. These days, just 36% of all income on the Strip comes from gambling. Compare that to the mid-80s, when bets made up 60% or more of total Strip revenue.

The city is doing well, in spite of the reduced cash-flow at the casinos. Home prices are up – surprising news for a city hit hard by the burst of the housing bubble less than a decade ago. Unemployment is down – another surprise, especially considering casinos haven’t been in a hiring mood. The New York Times reported on this phenomenon last year.

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