Prof. Manoj Kumar Ram

Manoj Kumar Ram


PolyMaterials App, LLC

3802 Spectrum Blvd, Suite 145

Tampa, FL-33612

USA, Phone: (727)-233-1018 (o); (727)251-3098 (cell), Web:

More than 25 years of experience in material science & engineering, polymers, conducting polymers, super capacitors, energy storage, photoelectrochemical, remediation, photocatalytic remediation, nanomaterials, encapsulation, touchchromism,  ceramic, biopolymers, 2D-materials, biosensors, and electrochemistry with two masters, a doctorate, and a post-doctorate. Dr. Ram holds the rights of 6 US patents and 19 pending, published 4 books, wrote 11 book chapters, 106 journal papers, and 22 conference proceedings. Seeking to improve the world’s technology to the furthest point possible.

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