Prof. Kostas Komnitsas

  1. Komnitsas is full professor in Metallurgical Engineering (PhD in Hydrometallurgy), School Mineral Resources Engineering Technical University Crete, Greece. He is:


Director of the following Laboratories:


  1. Ceramics and Glass Technology
  2. Waste Management and Soil Rehabilitation
  3. Ore Beneficiation

He is also a member in the following associations:

  1. Technical Chamber of Greece
  2. Greek Society of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
  3. Greek Society of Mineral Wealth Scientists
  4. “Alexander S. Onassis” Foundation Scholars
  5. National Technical University (NTUA) Graduates Union
  6. ASTM Member (Environmental Forensics)
  7. EWRA Member (European Water Resources Association)
  8. GWA (Greek Water Association)
  9. University Network Biomet (Fate and Transport of Biocolloids(



  1. Member of journal Editorial Boards


  1. July 2015. Associate Editor of Frontiers in Environmental Science: Wastewater Management,

  1. Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Information Processing in Agriculture (Elsevier),, (since 08/2013)

  1. Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Environmental Forensics (Taylor and Francis),, (since 01/2005)

  1. Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Minerals Engineering (Elsevier), (since 04/2000)


  1. Statistics


  1. Co-chair in 6 international conferences.
  2. Member in 20 conference scientific committees.
  3. 12 books or chapters in books
  4. 103 journal paper
  5. 137 Refereed publications in International Conferences
  6. 50 Research projects




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