Prof. Joel S. Miller

  1. Joel S. Miller

​The University of Utah

Phone: 801-585-5455

Office: 2124 HEB-N



Joel S. Miller is a distinguished Professor at department of chemistry, University of Utah, since 2001. Joel S. Miller has 6 patents that include an optical toner fusing system, ink jet fabrication of printed circuit boards, and glass coating compositions. The latter two have been commercialized. In addition, he has a patent on the deposition of thin film room organic magnets, as well as two on new materials, a strong electron acceptor (cyanil). Joel S. Miller has authored >575 publications covering his investigations in solid state materials with magnetic, electrical, and optical, properties as well as synthetic, structural, and the photochemistry of 1,2-dithiolene complexes, reactions of coordinated isocyanides, dinitrogen, and carbon monoxide ligands, and in the development and understanding of catalysts and of ‘metal-like’ and ferromagnetic valance ambiguzinorganic, organic, and polymeric compounds. His primary current research interests include the development and exploitation of molecule-based magnets as well as the surface modification of materials to impart specific properties, as well as extraordinary long (~2.9 Å) multicenter C-C bonds, and unusual electron transfer reactions such as reduction of a ligand upon an overall oxidation.


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