Prof. Ibrahim M. ElSherbiny

Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny
Professor of Smart Nanomaterials & Nanomedicine, Founding Chairman of Nanoscience Program, Director of the Center of Materials Science, Zewail City of Science and Technology, 6th October City, 12578 Giza, Egypt
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Dr. Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny is a Tenured Professor of smart nanomaterials and nanomedicine, and he is the Founding Chairman of Nano and Materials Sciences Programs, and the Director of the Center of Materials Science (CMS) at Zewail City of Science and Technology. El-Sherbiny earned his Bachelor degree, with honors (top scholar) and his Master of Science from Mansoura University, and his PhD in Smart drug delivery from Massey University, New Zealand in 2007. From 2008 to 2009, El-Sherbiny has joined various pharmaceuticals research groups as a post-doctoral fellow at the College of Pharmacy, University of New Mexico and Texas University-Austin in the United States. Then, he has been apointed as Research A. Professor of pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, at the University of Texas-Austin, USA starting from 2010.

El-Sherbiny’s academic acumen was recognized by being offered a Fulbright Fellowship at the School of Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan (U.S.) in 2009. Besides, Dr. El-Sherbiny has received several honoring and local, Arab and international scientific awards, including, for instance, the Order of the Egyptian Republic in Science and Arts of the first class and an honor from the President El-Sisi. El-Sherbiny also won the prestigious Khalifa Educational Award being the distiguished University Professor at the Arab world level, the State Award for Excellence in Advanced Technological Sciences for the year 2018 due to the excellence of his research in the field of Nanotechnology and its applications in the medical field, as well as the prestigious Abdul Hameed Shoman Award in the field of engineering sciences (nanotechnology) for the year 2018 and the Egyptian State Encouragement Award in Science in 2011, Venice Kamel Prize for scientific innovation for young researchers in the field of materials science and its applications in 2012, as well as Abdo Salam Prize in the field of pharmaceuticals and biological products from the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in 2015 in addition to honoring and a souvenir photo with His Excellency Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi during the National Conference for Scientific Research – “Unlocking the Energies of the Egyptians” in 2018. Dr. El-Sherbiny also received two gold medals in addition to two honorary diplomas from the 46th International Exhibition of Innovation in Geneva, Switzerland. El-Sherbiny was also honored and obtained a number of honorary medals, certificates and diplomas from a number of countries in 2018 including France, Malaysia, Romania, and the Gulf Cooperation Council, in recognition of his innovations in the use of nanotechnology in biomedical applications. He was also selected by the Islamic Development Bank / University of Cambridge, UK, as one of the 32 Transformers out of 4,300 people. He also won the first place and a gold medal in the medical field at the Fifth Cairo International Innovation Exhibition 2018, and was honored by the Asian Pharmacy Authority. In addition to being honored by a large number of Egyptian, regional and international universities. He also won the Excellence in Scientific Research Award from Zewail City of Science and Technology, 2019. Dr. El-Sherbiny also won the ACDIMA Award for the best Arab scientific research in pharmaceutical sciences for the year 2018, and he also won the COMESTA Prize for the best patent in the Islamic world, and this award is considered one of the most important COMESTA awards (the Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) for excellence in science and technology. El-Sherbiny also won Obada International Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research 2020 and also won both gold and bronze medals at the International Exhibition of Invention in the Middle East (Kuwait – 2020). El-Sherbiny’s research focuses on the design and development of new classes of smart nano- and nano-in-micro matrices using advanced nanotechnology techniques, and evaluating these new structures as potential candidates in various biotechnological and biomedical applications including targeted and controlled drug delivery, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and biosensing. Dr. El-Sherbiny has more than 170 scientific papers published in high impact peer-reviewed journals over the last ten years in addition to many more papers in the pipeline. He also has more than 160 participations in international conferences in different countries including for instance, Germany, France, New Zealand, England, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, and the United States. Dr. El-Sherbiny is the author of three books plus contribution to more than other 25 books, and more than fifteen review articles. He is also a named inventor on more than 25 patents in U.S., U.K., Europe and Egypt. El-Sherbiny has contributed as a principal investigator and co-principal investigator for more than 17 funded applied research projects in Egypt, Europe and the U.S.

In addition to El-Sherbiny’s professional experience, he cofounded the Egyptian Organization for Scientific Research and Technology in 2012. He is a member of different societies and associations including the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, the Biomedical Engineering Society (U.S.), the American Chemical Society (U.S.), the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (NZ), the Egyptian Chemical Society, the Egyptian Society for Polymer Science & Technology, and the Materials Research Society (U.S.). Besides, Dr. El-Sherbiny is the A. Editor of the well-respected long lasting Journal of “Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy” (DDIP) plus being an editorial borad member of many other well-respected nano- and phramaceutical journals.

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