February 2019

Funding on CAPS Initiative

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. It is the act that grants resources with a new capacity to create wealth. Innovation, truly, creates a resource

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February 27, 2019

Oktoberfest`s events 2019

Raise the roof your glass! Oktoberfest 2019 will go on as planned and it’s up to us to make this year even more epic than the last.And how will we do that, you ask? By attending parades and concerts and contests (always shoot your crossbows responsibly, folks).

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February 1, 2019

St. Patrick’s Day 2019

Whether you’re Irish or not, there’s a temptation to take part in celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day – a beloved tradition worldwide that sees thousands of people coming together to drink, dress in green, eat traditional food from Ireland.

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